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The meeting with Paul was incredible. My only complaint is that I wish I had more time. I could've easily spent the entire day sitting there with you guys. Next time we meet again I won't schedule anything for that entire day. ;)

Overall, it was very enlightening, inspiring and encouraging. I've been trying to identify which Adventure Style everyone is around me, in almost every interaction. It's very fun! Next time we meet, I'd like to really begin to dive into how to best communicate with the different styles. I understand their motivations for what their actions and how communicate but, I want to learn how to effectively communicate with them. 

 Thank you. I feel that my perspective on people has changed greatly.

— Joseph French - San Diego, CA

Paul introduced The Adventure Styles to my wife and me a few days after we were married. It not only exceeded everything we learned in the months of pre-marital counseling that we had prior to getting married, it is still the compass that we use to guide us through the ins and outs of communication in our daily lives. There isn't a marriage book to be found that can help a couple practically navigate life more effectively than Paul’s Adventure Styles.

— T.C. Schwindling - Decatur, Alabama

"There isn't a marriage book to be found that can help a couple practically navigate life more effectively than Paul Joiner's Adventure Styles."

— T.C. Schwindling - Decatur, Alabama


"Thank you — what an enlightening experience! Paul Joiner is an amazing speaker!  He covered a lot of material in a short period of time and had everyone engaged and entertained the whole time!  He absolutely did deliver tools to help us understand ourselves, as well as the folks around us, better. The buzz around the office is that we would LOVE to have him back again to share more of his insight. Again, thank you!"

— Katherine Ayala, Post Servicing Actions, U.S. Small Business Administration

"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Paul Joiner.  He knows how to keep your attention for the complete time and you could relate and understand what he was trying to tell you. Please invite him back for another session"

— Bonnie White, U.S. Small Business Administration, Commercial Loan Service Center-Fresno

"Paul Joiner’s Adventure Styles interactive workshop exceeded our expectations! Our leadership team and staff are now better equipped to interact with one another and serve our clients. Our team came away excited about what they had learned and could not wait to implement it. We highly recommend The Adventure Styles to any organization. We truly believe it has changed the way we serve our clients and interact as a company."

— Chad Crawford, Vice President, BBS & Associates

Paul Joiner’s Adventure Styles session was one of the most impactful seminars that I have attended in the 6 years I have worked for BBS & Associates. I’m grateful that our staff was allowed to participate. It has absolutely been one of the greatest influences on my daily work routines. Having knowledge of the different Adventure Styles in our back pocket, we are able to communicate more effectively both with internal staff and our external clients. Understanding our style helps us realize the “tinted glasses” through which we receive information; this understanding makes us better receptors for communication. And understanding the style of our target audience, we are able to ensure that the true meaning of our message is received. Thanks, Paul, for coming to BBS and communicating these concepts to our team. It is great to have conversations in the office and hear things like this: “What Adventurer Style is he/she?” Or: “That person is definitely a Navigator!

— Dan Crafton, Senior Project Manager, BBS& Associates

Thank you Paul for presenting Adventure Styles to our office.  You have a very novel approach to a subject that can be complicated and confusing.  Understanding our own personality as it pertains to the work setting is very useful since we primarily work in teams. And using the concepts to identify our customers' Adventure Style completely changed how we relate to our clients.

Our teams loved the training because the curriculum was fun, engaging and easy to remember.  Your delivery was lighthearted and humorous, and you connected to everyone at their level.  I recommend this training to any company (large or small) that wants to improve customer relations, peer relations and themselves.  Our office is still buzzing in the aftermath of Paul's visit and we have implemented our own in-house review to keep the concepts alive and relevant."

— Shannon Stiner | Operations Executive Director, Inspiration Cruises and Tours

"Just wanted to let you know that we used the Adventure Styles exercise you sent me in our meeting and our staff is quickly identifying the different types of people.  They ALL have said they feel going through the training has helped them relate to the person on the phone and it is getting easier to adapt to the caller instead of treating everyone the same.

I have also noticed our team is adjusting how they relate to others depending on their co-workers style.  Our operators are aware of "what type of caller" they have on the phone and can relate to them in a customized way.

Thank you again for impacting my team and giving them tools to perform better at work but also in their personal life.”

— Kelly Martin | Passenger Relations Director, Inspiration Cruise and Tours

"There isn't a more important tool in my office than Paul Joiner’s Adventure Styles."

— T.C. Schwindling, Creative Director, Phil Waldrep Ministries


"Paul, Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you THANK YOU for the training this weekend.  I have been a Head football coach for over 30 years and won almost 200 games and wish I would have had this system to implement years ago.  The ease at which our staff picked up on the Adventure Styles was amazing.  As the Head coach it is my responsibility to coach the coaches and their responsibility is to coach the players.  The Adventure Style system will help us do a Great Job of impacting more kids at a level that is meaningful to them.  It will also enable me to do a much better job of effectively communicating and coaching my staff.  Thank You seems so inadequate based on what we received this weekend and what it will me to our program!! Thank You!!!"

— Marty Martin, CAA, Head Football Coach, Mt Whitney High School

"The Adventure Style approach taught me a simple method to efficiently and effectively communicate and relate with people in my life.

This perspective into peoples' motivational style is a highly functional way to unify teams with diverse personalities into collaborating and cooperating in harmony to achieve success.

The most exciting aspect to me is the communication technology's ability to bring people together across ethnicities, gender, generations, etc.— all the things that we use to separate us."

— Michele Bolt, Coach and Sports Motivational Speaker/Counselor

"Explorer, Trailblazer, Navigator or Traveler. The Explorer sets the target; the Trailblazer cuts the path; the Navigator establishes the course to follow; the Traveler gets there. Amazing how all of us and the ENTIRE team are required and needed to accomplish the vision. Knowing the adventure style of each will enhance the journey we are on. I look forward to the learning how to use what Paul has introduced us to.  Thanks!"

— Carl Lyon, Equipment Manager

"25 years of trying to figure this out an in a few hours Paul broke it down an enlightened a knucklehead like me."

— Jeff, Offense Coach

"The Adventure Style and The Athlete  training gave me a better understanding of myself, how I work, and how I apply that to my coaching.  Also, it helped me to know how I deal with the athletes—knowing where they are similar and different and how I must communicate and interact to get the most out of them."

— Brian Allen

"This weekend’s training was very helpful and useful for me to understand how to approach kids when I coach and how to get the full potential out of the players not just the D line, players but any players that I interact with. Thanks Paul."

— Javier Arzola, Defensive Line Coach

"Paul was great. Really knows his stuff and communicates it well. Will use this in every relationship in my life not just coaching. Always good to get better at what we do. Thanks Paul."

— Jeff, Defensive Line Coach

"I have been a Head football coach for over 30 years, won almost 200 games, and wish I'd had Paul Joiner's Adventure Styles to implement years ago."

— Marty Martin, CAA, Head Football Coach, Mt Whitney High School

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