What Is An Adventure Style?

I have taken enough personality and strength tests to last me for a lifetime. (You probably have too! Snore!)

Most of us can't accurately articulate the results of some personality test or course we've taken when asked.  A glimpse of what we learned still lingers, but the further away from training the less we remember. I found most personality identification programs to be SO complicated, impractical, and forgettable. Unless the training manual is handy, you are at a loss of who you are, what you are, why you do what you do, and why it even matters in the first place!

And my biggest complaint about most personality identification programs is that the whole system hinges on a complicated test. And what if you inaccurately answer questions based on what you think you are, or would like to be, or what others say you should be? If you have to take a test to know who you are, we have a problem.

Sure, personality tests are a fun way to liven up a boring staff meeting by labeling others around the table as a certain type of color, shape, or species from the animal kingdom! However, Howevernot all the vital people in your life are at that table taking the test. The information you just learned is not transferrable! How are you expected to relate, communicate, lead, or problem solve with others whose personality you cannot identify? And you've probably come to understand that in most relationships, personal or professional, it doesn't matter how I think, communicate, or act, it is understanding how to relate to others who are different than me!

Throughout the years I've created a personality identification program that I believe is the most user-friendly you'll find anywhere. It’s practical, easy to remember, and it not only gives you immediate insight into yourself, but into those around you . . . yes, immediately!

It is called The Adventure Styles and this program has not only been key in understanding myself, but others in my life. From family to friends, people I meet for the first time, to the staff I choose and lead, this system has proven accurate and invaluable.

In fact, The Adventure Styles has become so effective it has become a program I teach to individuals, families, couples, companies, and other executive teams. I am very happy and thankful at the response it has received.

The Adventure Styles focus on your innate, inborn, instinctual Life Approach, not your giftedness, intelligence, or learned behavior. Knowing and understanding your LIFE APPROACH is vital in understanding your emotions, detecting root motives, capitalizing on your strengths, tempering your weaknesses, mastering your communication skills, improving your work practices, managing your relationships, and successfully relating to others.

I believe there are four distinct life approaches, or what I call Adventure Styles. At the core of each LIFE APPROACH is a unique PURSUIT PATTERN--a default pattern to how you approach work, education, finances. relationships, leisure, communication, holidays, spirituality, decision making, relaxation, discipline, fitness, vacations, even romance and even sex.

If you know the driving force behind how you approach life, you will be amazed at how you will better understand and manage, yourself and others.


I have identified 24 enlightening ways for you to detect and understand your own innate Adventure Style - and that of others.  It is an exciting program . . . and the program is working!


Which of The Four Adventure Styles are you? And what Adventure Styles are you dealing with in your daily life?   


Ready for the adventure

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