Meet The Four Adventure Styles

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People are Adventures at heart. At the core of our existence is the pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, spirituality, success, money, relationships, meaning, and purpose. Though we all are pursuing the same things in life, the way we approach them can be quite different.


I believe the way we approach life is connected to the type of ADVENTURE we are. Our personality style sparks our thinking process, how we show up for life each day, approach tasks and leisure, and interact with others.


You will discover that your basic ADVENTURE STYLE manifests itself in how you function in every area of your life. Though all travel the same road of life, there are different approaches to the journey.


There are four Adventure Styles. I identify them as Explorers, Trailblazers, Navigators, and Travelers. Each approach, pursue, view, and even enjoy life differently! And though there are days when you might seem to be more than one Adventure Style, your Adventure Style is not what you are on some days, but MOST days!


Here is a basic look into the each of the Adventure Styles. Know that these descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg into the intricacies and behaviors of each personality. For fuller insight and innovative information into how each works and relates to others you will want to download the, THE ADVENTURE STYLES: 24 Ways to Discover You, Understand Others, and Master Life!



Embrace life’s wonder and find worlds to wander!

Life Approach: Philosophically

Pursuit Pattern: I must find meaning in this!


Explorers are curious in nature and never stop searching to discover everything life offers. This search to discover new worlds is not propelled by the desire to conquer them, but to connect with them.  The Explorer's inquisitive spirit enables them to quickly "get into the skin" of anyone, and “into the scene” any place their journey takes them. 


Because Explorers are driven by a need to understand and be understood they are philosophically based, championing an idealistic expectation of themselves and the world around them.


Why? Why not? What if? How come? Can you imagine? What next? This curious approach to life opens up Explorers to both life's opportunities and perils.


Propelled by their “in search of” nature, Explorers wander into worlds that are foreign to them. Because the allure of the unique and unusual is ingrained in the Explorer's spirit, they are attracted to the differences in life more than life's similarities.


The attraction to differences moves them to explore new people, places, religions, cultures, morals, ideas, art, excesses, and philosophies. Whether outwardly different or inwardly pensive, Explorers empathize with the misfortunate, misunderstood, and misguided. As a result, the Explorer’s emotions fast-track their interests and energies to causes, justice, idealism, and change.


The Explorer’s driving curiosity to understand the meaning of life, and all expressions of it, usually leads to a rich and robust existence with a deep emotional connection to life expressed in either a dramatic (High End) or detached (Low End) manner.


Because Explorers are idealistic an inward battle often rages between what is right and what is reasonable, what is expected and what is expedient, and what is fact versus what they are feeling. Often, contrasting emotions, contradictory behavior, and double-mindedness are a result of the Explorer's determination to be ideal, yet the desire to embrace idiosyncrasies.


Explorers have a natural ability to connect to others on an extremely deep level. Whether it is in captivating conversation or artistic presentation, the Explorer's colorful expression of life attracts both those who are less articulate in expressing emotions, and other “deep” communicators who seek a kindred spirit with whom to relate. So, it is not surprising that people are drawn to the Explorer's sense of purpose, passion, and prowess.


The Explorer's communication is seasoned with profound thoughts, gathering beliefs, personal feelings, searching questions, and evolving information. If you listen to an Explorer closely you will detect a constant need to either enlighten or be enlightened. Explorers are always becoming as the journey is more exciting than the destination. They seek to impart wisdom, knowledge, creativity, and belief, or solicit it.


As a result, an Explorer influences by inspiration.  Envisioning ideas, dreams, and projects, then creatively articulating them to others, makes Explorers highly motivating individuals, not to mention magnetic and influential leaders. 



Be the best and beat the rest!

Life Approach: Powerfully

Pursuit Pattern: I must be the best at this!


A trailblazer perfectly describes this Adventure Style as Trailblazers powerfully pursue life with a zeal and intensity that is unstoppable. Blazing a trail through uncharted territory is a thrilling adventure to the one who wishes to conquer. Where there is no way, they will make one.  Where there is a practical way, they will create a faster one. Where there is established way, they will search for a new one that bears their imprint.


The Trailblazer is not afraid to create commotion, confusion, or chaos to get to their desired destination. On the ground and on the front lines they wield their mighty sword of action leaving the tentative and weak in their dusty wake. They are not afraid of turning the world upside down to get to their desired destination, not only because they want to get there first, but because they want to get there fast.


Being the best and beating the rest is the life’s motto for the Trailblazer. This is manifest through the “must win” high end expression of the Adventure Style, or the “must achieve” low end expression—both expressions are moving the Trailblazer to personal accomplishment.


Trailblazers are fearless in nature and are driven by a deep desire to possess all life has to offer. With a keen eye to spot and size-up that which is excellent, Trailblazers are energetic individuals, who are quick to think, quick to act, and quick to speak. They understand if there is a prize ahead, only the quickest and most clever will win that prize!


Those who possess the Trailblazer Adventure Style carry themselves with an air of confidence, a momentum of energy, a sense of urgency, and a position of authority. They are deliberate individuals who communicate in a declarative and exclamatory manner. They do not hesitate to speak their mind. As a result, Trailblazers are natural born leaders whose unrestrained confidence is impressive to others. They are people of action who can be best described as “doing,” not “being.”


Bigger, better, and faster is how they operate, and because they are focused on results, their eyes are fixated on the prize. Trailblazers are not afraid to fail, but are afraid of not succeeding. Not afraid of obstacles, but afraid of lost opportunities. Not afraid of hard work, but afraid of lack of recognition. Not afraid of what other people think of them, but afraid other people will not think of them. Not afraid of a challenge, but afraid their authority will be challenged. Not afraid to be feared, but afraid to be forgotten.


For the Trailblazer, searching is not as satisfying as seizing, planning not as important as progressing, coexisting not as fulfilling as conquering, and maintaining not as interesting as moving on. Everyone loves to win, but for the Trailblazer, winning is everything. 



Know the specifics and life is terrific!

Life Approach: Planned

Pursuit Pattern: I must do what is expected of me!


Navigators are one of the easiest Adventure Styles to pick out of a group. While others are telling exotic tales, boasting of personal accomplishments, or entertaining others, the Navigator is sizing-up and stabilizing the situation.


To them, life is best lived when it is completely in order and fully aligned. They are happy to wait their place in line, strive to color within the lines, and do not want to have to read between the lines.  Their sense of reason propels them to obey the rules, follow instructions, and do what is expected.


The Navigator desires definition, exactness, clarity, and distinction. It is no surprise that lists, planners, schedules, and itineraries are constant companions to the Navigator. Doing the right thing, the right way, and at the right time is how they most enjoy life.


Know the specifics and life is terrific is their motto. The Navigator feels best prepared to face the day when a plan is in place to follow. Stepping away from a predetermined plan can be quite disconcerting for the Navigator but they can recalibrate successfully if a Plan B is quickly conceived. Spontaneity is usually planned and freedom almost always has boundaries for the Navigator.  Not born to be wild, but born to be mild best describes the Navigator’s full throttled moments.  And when they do wish to run a little wild, it is always measured and safe.


Although somewhat predictable and sometimes rigid, the Navigator’s contribution to the world around them is one of security, stability, and steadiness. High definition living gives them a sense of empowerment and purpose. They are measured individuals who connect to the colorful world around them in two shades: black and white.


The Navigator’s pursuit is connected to the process not to the reward. To them, arriving at their destination as a result of a well-defined and closely followed plan makes the journey worthwhile. While other Adventure Styles become frustrated with the process of going from Point A to Point B, the Navigator embraces the practice. When life is chaotic and out of control the Navigator ceases to be happy.


The low end expression of this Adventure Style is based in a need for order, while the high end expression of the Navigator is based in a need to control the situation. With both expressions, certainty is at the core.


Explorers may have the vision, but the Navigator will put that vision to a plan.  The Trailblazer may build it, but the Navigator will maintain what was built. The Traveler may furnish the vision with colorful trappings, but the Navigator will manage the books to keep it afloat. Navigators are planners, keepers, curators, managers, and stewards of life’s treasures. Not always executed with a lot of flash or finesse, nevertheless steady, cautious, calculated, and certain is the Navigator’s manner.



Go with the flow and enjoy the show!

Life Approach: Playful

Pursuit Pattern: I must have fun doing this!


Everyone loves a Traveler!  Perhaps it is their openness, inclusiveness, and inviting spirit that make the Traveler such a likeable Adventure Style.


A Traveler approaches life with a fluid openness. Each day presents another opportunity to find the entertaining moments and opportunities life has to offer. This is stimulated by their interaction with others either through calming conversation or exuberant exchanges.


Go with the flow and enjoy the show is the Traveler’s life expression. Bubbling up from within that expression is the great desire to have options.  The dot dot dot lifestyle of the Traveler keeps their day an open-ended narrative. This carefree way of living allows the Traveler to take advantage of any pleasant opportunity or entertaining situation that might arise. The Traveler’s plan for the day is to be spontaneous!


The Low End expression of the Traveler Adventure Style desires a life of peace and comfort. This happens when life is approached with a calm openness that seeks an experience that is enjoyable, inclusive, and usually already set in motion by someone else. The High End expression of the Traveler Adventure Style desires a life of approval and excitement. This happens when they orchestrate life, setting in motion an experience that is exciting, fun, and one that generates approval and attention from others.


Travelers pursue life with a sense of playfulness. The Traveler’s desire to live in the midst of consensus draws them to pursue collective goodness in the world around them. When life becomes complicated and contentious, life loses its luster for the Traveler. Prone to avoid confrontation, the Traveler is usually drawn to a path of least resistance and greatest personal acceptance.


Travelers are an experiential-based individual who want every situation, every interaction, and every conversation to be pleasant and enjoyable. Fun is the goal, and it can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is warm, cozy, unhurried, and unscheduled, or loud, boisterous, inclusive, and celebratory, the Traveler pursues the experiences in life that will grant a life where “a good time was had by all!”


The Traveler is a natural born peacemaker who desires to get along, fit in, and not cause waves with others. They seek consensus, avoid confrontation, and approach life with a playful and easy-going spirit.


Depending on the expression of their Adventure Style, Travelers have a calming or glamorizing effect on others.  Their life can be a simple melody or fully orchestrated score! Either way, the soundtrack of their life is the source of their pied-piper magnetism.


The Traveler life is executed with an open ended approach. They want options, choices, alternatives, possibilities, and selections.  An ellipsis lifestyle (. . .) ensures that they will not be cornered into making a decision they may regret if something more appealing comes along.  A simple period would constrict their options. An exclamation point might offend and draw criticism.  And though a question mark seems appealing, they do not want to open themselves up for further scrutiny. So, for one who seeks the best a day might offer, the ellipsis is the open ended avenue they best like to travel. 

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