4 Ways to Hyper-Communicate & Connect to Others

Quick, Quality Communication by Adventure Style

Want a guaranteed inside track to successfully communicate and connect to others?


It’s natural to attempt to connect the way we like to be communicated to. 


This is wrong. In doing so you have a one in four chance of striking out!


Why? Because everyone does not approach life as you do.


It’s time to learn the 4 Ways to Hyper Communicate and Connect to Others, all based on the four personalities I have identified through The Four Adventure Styles. People are a pretty fast read if you pay attention to how they approach work, leisure, love, God, and life in general.


The conduit to strong connection with others is through bull’s eye laser sharp communication in another’s Adventure Style language.  That conduit begins with one of these four: Reason (Why), Results (What), Research (How), or Reward (When & Where).


Here you go to hyper-connection . . . 


1. Begin with the REASON when you want to connect to an Explorer!


Some people must understand the Why before they can connect to the What, Who, Where, or How.  I call them Explorers.


Explorers approach life philosophically.  So, to hyper-connect with an Explorer you must connect to them through the core meaning of the matter. Your communication must be punctuated with question marks. Engage them in the exploration of the issue through questions: dream, wonder, think, consider, propose, inspire, or paint pictures.


Explorers connect with life on an emotional level and rely on intuition and sensation to move them to action. Framing your communication in an aesthetic package is the best way to inspire this highly idealistic creature.


To hyper connect to the Explorer you must remember this person is searching for “their purpose in the matter.” Inspire the searcher with creative reasoning and watch them instantaneously get on board with you; formulate ideas, and action steps right before your eyes.


Emotion connects to the Explorer. Sensation moves the Explorer.


2. Begin with RESULTS when you want to connect to a Trailblazer!


There are some people who are not as concerned about the Why of the matter as they are the What! They want to know what’s in it for them, what they need to do accomplish it, and what result and return they can expect. I call them Trailblazers.


Trailblazers approach life powerfully. To hyper-connect with a Trailblazer you must connect with them through the ultimate impact of the issue. Your communication must be punctuated with exclamation points. Impress them by heralding the potential wins delivered. Paint the picture through discussions of achievement, position, status, accomplishment, competition, and gain.


Trailblazers connect with life on a transactional level and being the hero of the story moves them to action. Framing your communication in a “best of the best” scenario is the way to inspire this highly aggressive creature.


To hyper connect to the Trailblazer you must remember this achiever is looking to find their clear role in the matter. Inspire performance driven individuals with results and watch them grab ahold of an idea, muster alliances, overcome obstacles, and deliver the win you are looking for.


Action connects to the Trailblazer. Projects move the Trailblazer.


3. Begin with RESEARCH when you want to connect to a Navigator!


The third group of people are less concerned about the Why or What, but are strongly driven to consider the How of any issue. Because they are behavior-based individuals who want to do what is expected of them, How is at the forefront of any matter. I call them Navigators.


Navigators approach life needing a plan. To hyper-connect with a Navigator you must connect with them through the details of the matter. Your communication must be punctuated with periods. Make them feel secure about the issue by presenting specifics that demonstrate the steps to success. Paint the picture through sharing information, statistics, reports, research, and success stories.


Navigators connect with life on an instructional level and the hope of being “best in class” moves them to action. Framing your communication in academic terms inspires this process driven creature.


To hyper connect to the Navigator you must remember this lifelong student is looking to find perfection. Inspire the perfectionist with stability and watch them take a risk, organize the process, maintain the routine, and deliver financial stability.


Order connects to the Navigator. Organization moves the Navigator.


4. Begin with the REWARD when you want to connect to a Traveler!


When, What, and Where are far more exciting to some people than knowing the How or Why of any matter. I call them Travelers.


Travelers approach life somewhat playfully. So, to hyper-connect with a Traveler you must connect with them through the experience the matter will deliver. Your communication must be punctuated with open-ended ellipsis. Engage them with unrestricted possibilities and opportunities the issue presents: stories, community, friendship, praise, interaction, perks, and fun.


Travelers connect with life on an experiential level and rely on excitement and enthusiasm to move them to action. Framing your communication in a package of perks is the best way to inspire this highly social creature.


To hyper connect to the Traveler you must remember this individual is a people person. Inspire the one who needs camaraderie and companionship with community and watch them excitedly engage, network others, entertain, cheerlead, and lead with their pied-piper magnetism.


Interaction connects to the Traveler. Fun moves the Traveler.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg on how to hyper-communicate and hyper-connect to my four basic personality types using The Four Adventure Styles.


So what Adventure Style are you? Now you have three other styles to learn so you can better communicate and connect with them. 


To summarize:

  1. What type of personality/Adventure Style are you trying to connect to?
  2. What method of communication works with each Adventure Style?
  3. How do you connect with each Adventure Style?
  4. What moves each Adventure Style to action?

Hyper-Connectivity begins with hyper-communication skills based on the Life Approach of each Adventure Style. Begin the communication conduit the right way, and you’re in! Connection!


To learn more about you, others, and The Four Adventure Styles, click on What is an Adventure Style and Meet the Four Adventure Styles up on the tool bar of this site for the basic information on Explorers, Trailblazers, Navigators, and Travelers. Plus, sign up for email communications informing you when more exhaustive Adventure Style materials become available for self-help, corporate, group, and family training.

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