Distractions: How to Get Customers To Refocus on You

By Paul Joiner

Life is full of distractions. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes: seasons, holidays, illness, politics, news, weather, the economy, and so much more.


Even the most robust organization suffers financially when the customer base is distracted away from its product.


You might feel there is nothing you can do about the distractions from everyday life. However, there are some strategies you can try to help refocus your customer (or donor) back to you.


A relational approach to the situation may be effective. Perhaps redirect the concern your customer is experiencing. A gentle reminder that you are here for them could work. Reaffirming  what the customer knows and has experienced about you is a winning strategy. Or, you might want to regain their attention by trying something new.


Let's take a look at each strategy. A single strategy or a combination of a few ideas might be exactly what your organization needs to get distracted customers to refocus on you.


Relate: "I feel your pain!"


Empathize with the customer’s point of view and commiserate with them. Be the sympathetic friend one talks to over coffee. Don't ignore whatever is distracting them, but embrace their concern and the emotions it brings.


"Surely you are feeling the same way as we are. Can you believe this? Seems we are all in this together. Well, let us tell you how we are handling this situation and how it is yielding positive results. We suggest you do the same. Together we will get through this. How can we help you right now?"


Redirect: "Ready for a change?"


Address the issue head-on. Enough is enough. The customer is not the problem, the distraction is the problem. So commit to do something about this together. It's time to move on! Redirect their attention to a positive thought and tell them what you are offering.


"We have had it with this distraction and we can only imagine how it has affected you. We've decided not to let this situation get us down. We don't know about you, but we 're tired of allowing this issue to distract us any longer. Ready to change this situation? Let's get back to the business at hand before this distraction unnecessarily turns your life upside down."


Remind: "We're still here!"


You miss them. You fully understand how this situation has been distracting. Your company totally gets it. It’s understandable. Perhaps it's time for a gentle reminder that you are still around and ready to make their life better.


"This is just a friendly reminder that we are still here for you. It's nice to know that in the crazy mixed-up world in which we live, there are some things that never change. We're one of them. We'd like to think we are a solid rock in this area of your life. We miss you and are still here when you are ready for our services."


Reaffirm : "Our promise to you has not changed!"


You can count on us because of our integrity. It's more than just our product, it is the strength our organization brings to the product.


"Right now you need certainty. With all that you are going through, you certainly don't need to worry about us. Peace of mind is so important when you are experiencing upheaval in other areas of life. We want to reaffirm the core values of our organization. We have the same quality product. The same laser-sharp business   focus. The same quality customer service. The same strong commitment to you. Our promise has not changed."


Refresh: "We've got something new!"


When you feel like your constituents have that wayward gaze in their eyes, wave something new and shiny in front of them. Your newest offering can distract the customer away from the original distraction and back to you. Since some distractions are a result of the customer's boredom, familiarity, or "white noise syndrome" with your product, you might want to refresh your line.


"Something new, and just in time! There is nothing better to chase the doldrums away than with this new product created just for you. You will love the features. The benefits to you are greater than ever before. It's something new from us and with it comes the same quality you are accustomed to in our product line. We have had a long history together, and this will give us a long and happy future together. Act fast! You don't want to live a day without it!"


So put these five strategies to work.


In a world swirling in newsworthy distractions, it's time to relate to your customer's pain, redirect their attention back to you, remind them you are still there, reaffirm your commitment to them, and refresh your way of business or product line.


Whether you are dealing with customers in the for-profit or not-for-profit world, these are five solid strategies that will bring your customer back to you, keep them loyal, and around for the long term.


Now go "undistract" the distracted!

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