If Time Is On Your Side, It's Because You Made Room For It

By Paul Joiner

If Time Is On Your Side, It Is Because You Made Room For It

In the creative process, time is like money.  If you don't have much to invest, you won't get much in return.  But, if you have a lot to invest, you will be amazed at the results it yields.


A little amount of time will buy you a shoddy knock-off.


But, a well-managed sum of time will buy you a priceless treasure.  


So what is your creativity worth?


That all depends on the time you give it.


Just like a skill, hobby, relationship, education, idea, career, or dream, your creativity will be more valuable when time has been properly invested into it.


So what value do you want from your work?


What can you afford?


More pointedly, what can't you afford?


That's up to you.


If you are going to put a price tag on the quality of your work, the tag should read  “T I M E.”


Sure, there are other important factors that contribute to a work of value, but run out of time and you have just lost the creative funding to give your idea the impact for which you hoped.


Technique, insight, momentum, and excellence are priceless luxuries only afforded by time properly invested:




T - Technique

Addresses the time properly given to use the skills you have developed to research, investigate, discover, and assimilate information.


I - Insight

Addresses the time needed to give you freedom to explore your own creativity, imagination, brainstorming, and experimentation of ideas. 


M - Momentum

Addresses the time required to structure your endeavor with a plan that honors process, prioritization, testing and delivery of your product.


E - Excellence

Addresses the time essential to develop the quality of your presentation by reviewing, editing, proofing and the refining of your work.


If you want to be a creator of value, then you have to be a curator of time.


Give yourself plenty T I M E to do your best work and you will soon be rolling in creativity!


Remember . . . If time is on your side, it's because you made room for it.

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