By Paul Joiner

The Power of Being Reliable, Reasonable, and Respectful

Succeeding in your career depends on more than just being good at the skills you've mastered.  Yes, careers are anchored in one’s expertise, but an anchor can keep you in one place too long.


If you want to take your expertise further, it might help to brush-up on three simple, but powerful, practices often missing in our work. These do not address your skills as much as they address your skillfulness as a professional.


Your skills will only take you as far as your skillfulness as a professional.

— Paul Joiner


Do not underestimate the impact of being a reliable, reasonable, and respectful professional. It seems elementary in practice, but in fact, most people don't put them into practice.  However, demonstrating reliability, reasoning, and respect  will propel you throughout and beyond your organization and add to your professional equity.


Discover the power of being reliable, reasonable, and respectful:



  • I am dependable (Others can count on me.)
  • I am reliable (I deliver that which I promise.)
  • I am approachable (Moodiness does not rule me.)
  • I am punctual (I am on time and on task.)
  • I am knowledgeable (I am prepared to contribute.)



  • I attempt to understand my supervisor’s viewpoint.
  • I strive to make my viewpoint understood.
  • I am sympathetic to the viewpoint’s of those I lead.
  • I wish to gain a broader viewpoint than what I currently know.
  • I move forward when my viewpoint is not embraced.
  • I do not seek credit when my viewpoint is accepted.  



  • Respect above (I honor the position of my superiors.)
  • Respect across (I honor the purpose of my peer staff.)
  • Respect below (I honor the practices of those I lead.)
  • Respect through (I honor the protocol of the organization.)


Developing these three career difference makers can be key to giving you self-confidence in the way you both lead and follow, and will allow others to see you as one who is suited and ready for greater areas of responsibility and leadership.


Want to stand out among out in the crowd?  Be reliable, reasonable, and respectful.


- Paul Joiner

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