A Look Into the Minds of the 2016 Presidential Candidates Through the Adventure Styles

By Paul Joiner

2016 Presidential Candidates' Adventure Styles

By now we should know the 2016 presidential candidates pretty well, right?


You’d think so.


But how can you know who these candidates are and how they will govern if elected?


The Adventure Styles can tell you.


Let me first state, I have never had the privilege of meeting any of the current U.S. presidential candidates, but I can give you a glimpse into who they are and the strengths and potential weaknesses they will bring to the presidency of the United States.


How? Through the insights of the Adventure Styles.


The beauty of the Adventure Styles is to not only understand yourself but to identify the Adventure Styles of others. In doing so, it gives you an immediate leg up on understanding, relating to, and communicating with others—including the presidential candidates.


There are actually 24 easy ways to identify each of the four Adventure Styles: Explorer, Trailblazer, Navigator, and Traveler. (There is more information on this site, with more to come, including the difference between the HE—high end—or LE—low end—expression of each personality type.) There is not one Adventure Style better than the others. There are strengths and weaknesses with each. All valuable, and historically, all have held the office of president of the United States.


But now, let me give you my quick observation of the presidential candidates’ Adventure Styles with some unsolicited applause and admonishment to those in the race:


2016 Explorer Candidates

Dr. Ben Carson (LE), Martin O’Malley (LE), Marco Rubio (HE), Bernie Sanders (HE)  
[Reference: Past Explorer U.S. presidents include Thomas Jefferson (HE), Abraham Lincoln (LE), Franklin D. Roosevelt (HE), John F. Kennedy (LE), Ronald Reagan (HE), and Barak Obama (HE). Past Explorer presidential/vice presidential candidates include: Dan Quayle and Al Gore.]


EXPLORER candidates tend to be transformational figures. They lead with a philosophical approach and focus on ideals and vision. They are deep connectors to “the people” and preach enlightenment and social change. Their inclusive manner inspires the masses yet arms their critics. They surround themselves with visionary and revolutionary staff. Their strength is in the presentation of their platform and not always in the execution of it. Because their goal is to move the country beyond the status quo, they face great opposition from those who represent establishment politics, big business, or cultural complacency.


Applause to Explorer Candidates: They have a deep personal connection to the people and to the heart of the nation. They are idealistic, visionary, self-sufficient, inspiring, and “Renaissance” leaders able to effectively create and procure a great deal of the nation’s landscape.


Admonition to Explorer Candidates: Their thoughts might be too idealistic, conversation a bit deep, and presentations overly emotionally charged. They might struggle in collaborating with others, find it hard to separate duties from personal identity, be too self-reliant, want to teach instead of learn, speak instead of listen, and seek their own passionate cause over the needs of the nation. Remember, the dreams of the people, not theirs.


2016 Trailblazer Candidates

Chris Christie (HE), Hillary Clinton (LE), Ted Cruz (LE), Ran Paul (LE), Donald Trump (HE)  
[Reference: Past Trailblazer U.S. presidents include George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt (HE), Harry Truman (LE), Lyndon B. Johnson (LE), and Richard Nixon (HE). Past Trailblazer presidential/vice presidential candidates include: Dick Cheney, John McCain, and Sarah Palin.]


TRAILBLAZER candidates tend to be business transactional politicians. They lead with a power-through-it approach and focus on results and winning. They communicate in exclamatory and declarative language, understating the details and overstating the promises. Though they are interested in the public’s alliance, they are unconcerned with the public’s approval. Their strength is in their fearless attitude that delivers a sense of confidence and security. They are interested in the impact of a new project and not in managing the details. For this reason, they hire positional staff who see to the details of the numerous projects they initiate. Their policies focus on the building and positioning of the country. They surround themselves with “doers” who behave much like they do: bullish in carrying out demands and without much diplomacy.


Applause to Trailblazer Candidates: They are natural leaders who are highly motivational and stir the hearts of the people to action. These politicians are fearless and have an innate entrepreneurial spirit that carries with it a keen eye for opportunity, progress, improvement, and acquisition. Because they look for the loopholes and the exceptions to the rules, they are great negotiators. The project candidates know how to mobilize action and lead the charge in achieving what others do not have the strength or endurance to do.


Admonition to Trailblazer Candidates: They lead with a strong opinion rather than first soliciting counsel. They are not a good listener and would rather have absolute adherence to their leadership than true allegiance to the cause. For them, compromise on any level is losing. They are quick to make a decision and slow to share the credit. They continually cycle between being the hero, victim, and martyr, which appears melodramatic, but it is what creates energy within them. Trailblazers need to remember though the public desires a strong, confident, and selfless leader, after a time they will turn on a bullish, brash, and self-promoting leader. If the loopholes grow too big or the ego goes unchecked, they most often sabotage their own goals, and often, their legacy. Remember, a temperate leader can get just as much accomplished as a temperamental one.


2016 Navigator Candidates

Jeb Bush (LE), Carly Fiorina (HE), John Kasich (LE), Rick Santorum (HE)
[Reference: Past Navigator U.S. presidents include John Adams (LE), Calvin Coolidge (LE), Herbert Hoover (LE), Dwight D. Eisenhower (LE), Gerald Ford (LE), and George H. W. Bush (LE). Past Navigator presidential/vice presidential candidates include: Mitt Romney (LE), Paul Ryan (HE).]


NAVIGATOR candidates present a clear and defined pathway to the issues and thus are guided by a strong plan. They are rule followers that execute the policies of their platform with specific details. They draw clear lines and lead from within. Research, statistics, and numbers flow freely from them, which offers a great sense of security to the public. “Know the specifics and life will be terrific” is the rallying cry of their campaign. Navigators show up each day prepared with their words measured, their actions premeditated, and their promises restrained. Their connection to the public is a “to do” list, which may not be as inspirational as operational, but it is extremely functional. Because they are processors, they seldom make quick decisions and may not be considered nimble in a crisis. (This is often why they suffer on a debate stage.) Navigators do their homework, hire capable staff, find strength in research, and take reasonable action.


Applause to Navigator Candidates: The Navigator candidate’s natural organization and attention to detail brings a strong sense of stability to their campaign, party, and, ultimately, to the presidency. Their ability to systematize, prioritize, and set protocol is what sets them apart from the other three Adventure Styles. They provide efficiency and order, bringing to the table a great sense of financial security and policy health to their office.


Admonition to Navigator Candidates: Navigator politicians often adhere to the checklist of  their predetermined agenda instead of governing with dynamic sensitivity to the issues of the day. They struggle with over-thinking the details, underestimating ingenuity, and over-structuring the process. Calculated risks are the only risks these politicians make. Playing safe, as they do in their personal life, is not always the best way to operate a country in an ever-shifting global landscape. However, the financial core strength of a nation may never be stronger than when it rests in the hands of a Navigator. Remember, the plans for the people must be for all the people.


2016 Traveler Candidates

Mike Huckabee (HE), Rick Perry (HE), Scott Walker (HE)
[Reference: Past Traveler U.S. presidents include Jimmy Carter (LE), Bill Clinton (HE), George W. Bush (LE).]


TRAVELER candidates have a natural “pied piper” magnetism. You may not agree with their politics, but you can’t help but like them. They have an innate way of packaging their political platform in likeability. Travelers exude “the guy next door” qualities—a candidate who relates to you by feeling your pain in the bad times and offering a smile and a handshake in the good times. Travelers are “life’s narrators” who have the gift of gab and can hold an audience’s attention in the palm of their hand by their mere presence. They are gifted diplomats who generate an inclusive and inviting political atmosphere. This candidate desires the process to be enjoyable and the public to be happy. Travelers promise a better, more peaceful world, filled with happy, prosperous, and culturally harmonic people for generations to come.


Applause to Traveler Candidates: Their natural likability will attract a strong sense of “fellow American” with all they encounter. The Traveler brings to the office a spirit of inclusiveness, diplomacy, and camaraderie. Their desire for consensus is the catalyst that makes people feel heard and appreciated. Storytelling and relaying the issues of the day provides the country with a “behind the scenes” feeling into the White House. Always looking forward to “what’s next,” their zeal for their office is infectious and inviting.


Admonition to Traveler Candidates: Travelers may not see the full potential and impact of their elected office, as the focus can be on the fun of the office and not on the function of the office. They may struggle with staying on task, meeting deadlines, executing routine tasks, being punctual, confronting problems, depending on prompts, and making timely decisions. Their engaging nature is pleasant to be around but may cause a high level of frustration in others as a result of the trail of time sensitive loose ends that need tying up. Travelers prefer to use their charm and shoot from the hip. This pattern can eventually lose its charm when preparation and planning would have actually “saved the day.” As public office is not always enjoyable, they can wilt under criticism, become defensive under scrutiny, and mope during long stretches of business as usual. Remember, the function of the office, not just the fun of the office.


The 2016 presidential candidates bring with them an array of strengths that can all be greatly utilized in the office of the president of the United States. If each candidate capitalizes on their giftedness, strengths, and natural leadership qualities, they can be successful.


However, with each candidate comes weaknesses. But not to worry. If managed correctly, each weakness can be overcome through strong self-awareness of their Adventure Style and a clear action for improvement that follows.


Let’s keep our eye on each of the candidates running in the 2016 presidential race. I believe you will see the Adventure Styles rising to the surface as they debate, interview, or campaign.


I won’t ever say I told you so, but I gave you a heads up. Now it’s your choice as to the Adventure Style we most need in the White House at this time in our nation’s history.


-Paul Joiner




For more about the Adventure Styles, contact me, check out the brief overview on this site, Meet The Four Adventure Stylesor download THE ADVENTURE STYLES: 24 Ways to Discover You, Understand Others, and Master Life!


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